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For Him

We live in a confusing world, where one sometimes need to find his own way in life. That is where appearance may become important. When buying a gift for a man and you are not sure about his taste, likes and dislikes, you should ask yourself how most men dress. Here is a guide that will help you when you are browsing our webstore, looking for a magnetic bracelet for men. Keep it simple, follow the steps and you cannot get it wrong:

1. First, take a note that men seem to go for big and bold design. Bulky and wide designed bracelets are extremely popular amongst our customers where the intended recipient is a man, as they project masculinity. The one great advantage of going for a wide item is that in wide designs we managed to insert two magnets per links, making those style bracelets into a powerhouse of magnets.

2. Second thing to take in is that most men like metal jewellery. Wearing metallic jewlry seams to send a signal of power and strength. Here you can view Titanium, Stainless Steel, and copper. Titanium is a lot lighter, but Stainless Steel will fare better against scratches. Copper is a class of its own and will be mention later. Going down the rabbit hole we are taking you by the hand, the next logical conclusion will be that you go for Titanium bracelet, because when it is big, wide and bulky design, weight plays an important role.

3. Then there is the colour, where Gold and silver are the most common colour tones. Gold bracelets may be worm colour, but it is not for everybody. Think of the person – does his wristwatch looks “goldy”, and if no watch, dose he tends to dress up in colours that may match the gold colour pallet. For example, if the man wears a lot of brown shirts, gold bracelet will fit. Also, men who wear black shirts often would like a gold bracelet. It goes together. If gold is a no-go area, you are left with grey and black, with massive number of combinations between. Always consider black, as it goes with every outfit and is can never be ambiguous like grey. God luck with this confusing choice.

4. That leads us nicely to the issue of type of bracelets. The most common men’s piece of jewellery is a bracelet. Here you are looking for one of those:

Links magnetic bracelets: Those bracelets have a fold-over clasp. The style is popular amongst men, and when sticking to wide designs, you can have a bracelet packed with many magnets. The styles offer is vast, and so is the choice of colours.

Expanding magnetic bracelets: This is a solution for those that do not want to deal with the clasp. Some finds the clasp a little fiddly. Having an expanding bracelet means that you only need to stretch it to go over the palm of your hand when putting it on or off.

Copper magnetic bangles. Ragged men may look for copper magnetic bracelets. There is the copper, where its properties added to the magnets may be an appealing option. The one issue to consider is that copper items will leave stains on the skin. That is completely natural, as that is how the copper penetrates the body.

5. Drees codes and men. We all spend a lot of time at work. The world of business split dress codes to mainly two standards:

a. Uniforms. In this department, you need to know if the employer allows for jewellery. If not, you are in pickles. However, most places do allow for bracelets to have on your wrist.

b. White colour business world, where dress codes are less written and more goes by consensus and unspoken norms. Consider those when shopping around. While noble men in earlier times in history had bracelets with stones, today the norm is to have on functional, cause-related bracelets. That is where magnetic bracelets will fit right in, as they are both.