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For Her

Our modern world is quite different from the traditional world of our grandparents. Our way of dressing up have changed so much in the last few decades and sometimes it makes it a challenge to find the right “look”.

It is twice as hard to select the right gift for somebody else. When shopping around for the right gift for women, you may be stepping in a mine field.  When buying a gift for a woman and you are not sure about her taste, likes and dislikes, you should ask yourself how most women dress. Here is a guide that will help you when you are browsing our webstore, looking for a magnetic bracelet for ladies. Keep it simple, follow the steps and you cannot get it wrong:

1. First, take a note that many women seem to go for slim and elegant jewellery. That will be correct with bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.

2. Second thing to take in is that most women like metal jewellery. While gold is simply too soft for magnetic bracelets, have a look at the most popular metals used in magnetic therapy bracelets: Titanium, Stainless Steel, and copper. Titanium is a lot lighter, but Stainless Steel will fare better against scratches. Copper is a class of its own but seems to be not that popular with women as a gift. Looking at all available materials, we would say the Titanium magnetic bracelets would be the right choice, as it is exceptionally light and comes in so many styles.

3. Then there is the colour, where Gold and silver are the most common colour tones. Gold bracelets may be worm colour, but it is not for every lady. Think of the woman in question – does her wristwatch has gold facing or strap, and if no watch, dose she tends to dress up in colours that may match the gold colour pallet. For example, if the woman wears a lot of natural colour shirts, skirts or dresses, gold bracelet will fit their colour scheme. Also, women who wear black outfits would usually like a gold bracelet. It goes together. If gold is a no-go area, you are left with grey and black, with massive number of combinations between. Always consider black bracelet first, as it goes with every outfit and is can never be ambiguous like grey. May the force be with you.

4. That leads us nicely to the issue of the correct type of bracelet to select. While the most common women’s piece of jewellery would be the bracelet, there are more to consider: Anklets and necklaces. Here are some of the choices:

Links magnetic bracelets: Those bracelets have a fold-over clasp. The style is popular choice for women, as it sends a message of elegance and exclusivity.

Expanding magnetic bracelets: Expanding bracelets will be a great choice for those that may not appreciate dealing with clasp on a regular basis without losing the element of elegance of narrow style. Having an expanding bracelet means that your lady only needs to stretch it to go over the palm of her hand when putting it on or off.

Anklets: Anklets will be a great gift – unusual, a new idea for a gift, elegant.

Necklaces: The ultimate gift – parade your love for your special woman.