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How to removing links - Tutorial

All links bracelets comes with a Links Removal Tool, to allow you to remove links at the comfort of your home.

With each item you will also receive a PRINTED Step-By-Step guide to operate the device.


Two extra push pins are stored in the base of the resizing tool
Above is the tool. You can see that there are two extra push-pins stored in the base.

A bent push-pin can be replaced
In the case that one push-pin is bent or too short, replace with one of the extra push-pins which are stored at the base of the device. To change the push-pin, you can use plyers to pull the push-pin out. In some tools you will have to push it into position, and in others it is screwed into position.


See the correct size to use the push-pin.
Ensure you identify the correct side of the bracelet to place near the push-pin.


The magnetic bracelet in the tool.
Position the magnetic bracelet on the resizing tool.

Gently push the handle and push the push-pin out of the bracelet.

While doing so, ensure you hold both the tool and the bracelets so they do not move. If they do, there push-pin will not push properly and may bent and even break.


The two sides of the bracelet.
Once a bit of the links-pin is out, use your fingers of plyers to pull it out.


Closing the bracelet.
Repeat this to remove the required amount of links out - and re-join the two sides of the bracelet, and insert a links-pin.


Replacing the links-pin.
Gently push the links-pin in until flash with the bracelet.