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The products on this website are not sold as a medical devices.

We did receive testimonials over the years that magnets did help ease or treat some medical conditions. Those testimonials have not been substantiated with medical or scientific evidence.

How to buy magnetic bracelet - Consumer Guide

Or, also where not to buy magnetic bracelets. There are many sites that offer to sell magnetic bracelets. You need to be very methodical in your approach in order to get the best value deal. Browse the online shops and follow the steps below to filter out the obvious bad suppliers. We assume that regarding search engines, you will be using Google. Over 90% of us do...


1. The biggest seller - Trust factor #1:

"We are the biggest seller of magnetic bracelets in the UK". Where did you see that - most likely in every single webstore out there. One may be impressed by this claim and will expect to see the largest choice of high-power men’s and women’s bracelets. But when it comes to claims about the largest range, just go and compare the number of items each seller has. For example, click on the Titanium category and see how many results you are getting. Wright it down on a paper and repeat this for the sites that comes up in your search. Do the same to other major categories like Stainless Steel, and presto, you have it.

You will find that most websites claims that they have the largest collections of magnetic bracelets in the UK. From your list you will soon find out that all but one of them are not telling you the truth.

But now you can see which one of them is not telling you the truth. What other porkies are they telling you, should you give them your money?

Items in categories - IonTopia copper magnetic bracelets



2. Customer Reviews - Trust factor #2:

Now that you have some sellers got caught in a blighted lie, you can use a cross reference step to check their trustworthiness with another test of trust. We are talking about customer reviews. Customer’s feedback on the home page of a site is like raising a big bright red flag. After all, we sellers have the complete control on our website – and what stops us writing those feedbacks ourselves? Nothing at all. Do not trust those feedbacks splashed all over the home page of many sellers out there.

To deal with this issue, just look if they are using a third-party reviews site. Those are sites that allow buyers to post a review that the website owners cannot delete. There bare plenty of those sites out there, like TrustpilotFeefo and more. If the webstore is using those sites, there will be somewhere on the home page some kind of directional sign to direct you to checkout the customer's reviews.

Customer reviews IonTopia


3. About Us page - Trust factor #3:

When the “About Us” page is full of bs……, you should know to stay away from this website.

Look at this page, taken from an About Us page of a seller:

"You know exactly what it takes to keep your family happy and healthy and have probably tried it all in the process of finding exactly the right foods, supplements, and remedies for your unique needs and preferences. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find all the things you need, meaning you probably end up shopping for your supplements at one place, your specialty grocery items at another, your personal care products at a third, and health products for your kiddos at yet another store. Imagine a world where all the things you need to help keep you feeling healthy and energized could be found in one place. In that world, items you need, and love would be side by side, priced affordably, and would magically arrive right at your doorstep. Well, we imagined that world, and out of that idea came... You truly can find everything you need for your health and wellness at xxx1xx. Pick up the vitamins and supplements you take each day, browse our personal health products, and find health and personal care items for your kiddos and whole family while you’re at it. We carry everything on…, so you can stop rushing from store to store to find what you need. … is one of the largest online retailers of health, grocery, and personal care products in the United Kingdom, offering our customers a selection of more than 150,000 health products selected for their quality and demand. Our inventory is entirely curated for our customers, which means we stock only what you want, making sure to constantly be updating to bring in the best and most high demand products.”

On and on about nothing.

And what about this one:

"We are a family business that puts the customer at the front. Over the years we sell high quality items, putting the customer at the front..."

A "family business" is usually a business that is running from the back bedroom. Great, except that there is no strong backing to any guarantee promise. You should be looking for real life address of the business.

Physical real life address


4. Contact us - Trust factor #4:

If you need help, can you get it? Can you contact the site at all, do they have the phone number on display?

By the way, the ones that provides a UK free number that starts with 0800 number will tell you how much you can trust that supplier also. If they do not provides a number, maybe even a free number, is it because they are afraid of getting an avalanche of complaints over the phone?

If a UK phone number is not present on the site in a prominent place where it is easy to see them, the chances are that the site is a Chinese site or located in the back bedroom of somebody who also work full time job elsewhere.

Regarding Chinese sellers – you will get your items within 4 to 12 weeks, if at all (Remember the lack of feedback mechanism?) and after-sale service will amount to nothing. China is simply too far from the UK.

UK phone number


5. After-sale service and Return Policy - Trust factor #5

One should check what the seller says about the after-sale service. While magnetic bracelets are not cars, and do not need MOT and yearly service, there may things that you will need: Do the seller offer to resize your bracelet if it too short, how easy is it to return items, can you exchange the item if it is too big, is there a guarantee, and what do you do if you purchased a gift and it is not wanted.

Return Policy


6. Outrages claims - Trust factor #6

Some sellers appear to claim that they invented a whole new physics science. You can find sites that claim the magnets they use in the bracelets are special magnets they invented, that the magnets have special magnetic properties, that the bracelet need to be stored in a special recharging case, and there is even one site that claim that their magnetic bracelets are medical devices.

To tidy up the above:

There are no specially invented magnets in magnetic bracelet (the patents are “Design Patents” at best, which are a type of industrial design right).

Regarding the recharging cases: Magnets cannot be recharge when in a case. Permanent magnets are created in industrial settings where certain metals are magnetised. That is it, no more no less. Permanent magnets are not batteries and cannot be charged. And by the way, they lose less than 1% per year from their strength, so it will take 20 years before you may notice some loss of magnetism.

About the claim that a seller brings that their magnetic bracelets are Medical Device Class I. They refer to the practice of registering certain devices such as hospital beds. These registrations do not means that the device passed any tests or approved to aid recovery from any medical condition more than a …a bed will.

All the above are bold cons.



When you buy online it does not matter if you are after the best arthritis pain reducing magnetic bracelets or the best washing machines. Trust is everything. Think of what you see in website before selecting where to buy next. Happy shopping.


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