IonTopiaŽ Athena Pure Copper Double Strength Magnetic Bracelet
IonTopiaŽ Athena  Pure Copper Double Strength Magnetic Bracelet
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Length: 22.0cm

You can remove links with the free resizing tool.

(Each link is about 1.5cm)


Metal:  copper
Width (mm):  6
Type of clasp:  Fold Over Clasp
Bracelet Type:  Links bracelet
Gender:  Women
Number of magnets:  28
Strength of each magnet (gauss):  3,000
Type of magnets:  Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets
Magnets Polarity:  North Polarity

GTIN:  5060457864421
Product Number:  BRPC-2-L-IONTOPIA



The IonTopia Athena pure copper, and is narrow and delicate magnetic therapy bracelet with two magnets in each link 

----Magnetic bracelets are not suitable for people with a pacemaker or pregnant women

----The package contains: A FREE IonTopia branded Luxury Gift Wallet for the bracelet, Authenticity Tag, Clasp maintenance instructions, Removing Links instructions, Q & A's about the bracelet and Magnetic Therapy, A little information about the IonTopia brand, and a FREE Links Removal Tool to adjust the length of the bracelet

----IonTopia is a registered Trademark in the UK, Europe and the USA.

----Comes with no-quibble, money-back return policy.

When the element titanium was first discovered in the late 18th century in England, the technology for processing it was available. The name that was given to the metal was fitting for its strength and endurance – After the Titans, the sons of the Earth goddess in Greek mythology.

Mechanical Properties
Titanium is mostly known for its durability. As it is three times the strength of steel, titanium jewellery can withstand almost any daily wear & tear conditions. That is in opposite to more traditional metals like gold and silver jewellery, which scratches easily in daily use.

Titanium is resistant to dilute sulphuric and hydrochloric acid, most organic acids, damp chlorine gas, and chloride solutions. So much that the Titanium metal is considered to be physiologically inert.
That means that it hypoallergenic, and will not cause allergic skin reaction as many other metals do. In fact, Titanium is the only known "foreign" material that living tissue will attach onto, which makes the ideal metal for implants in the human body.
On top of it, titanium is not mixed with other highly allergic substances that can irritate the skin, while gold, silver, and other metals are always mixed with other elements in jewellery making.

Magnet therapy is a system based on the idea that our bodies form a magnetic field that respond to the healing power of magnets.

Today more than ever, we are seeking better pain relief than drugs can give them, and are on the look for treating illness and pains without medication.

There have been few experiments lately examining the effects of external magnetic field on humans. Some were more reviling than others, and all are being used by supporters and opponents of magnetic therapy.

We have been developing & selling magnetic bracelets for over a decade, and while it has become obvious that not everybody was positively affected by magnetic bracelets, we have been receiving thousands of feedbacks telling us that magnetic bracelets did help in managing pain, and many medical conditions (Those testimonials have not been substantiated with medical or scientific evidence).

Please note that we STRONGLY recommend to seek advice from conventional medical professional first for any medical condition.