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The products on this website are not sold as a medical devices.

We did receive testimonials over the years that magnets did help ease or treat some medical conditions. Those testimonials have not been substantiated with medical or scientific evidence.

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IonTopia is a UK magnetic jewellery leading brand in Europe and North America, designing and manufacturing magnetic therapy bracelets. Each bracelet comes with a quality assurance and guarantee, printed authenticity certificates and instructions printed documents. Also, a polishing cloth and a luxury gift wallet included, with links removal tools with every bracelet.


The website offers amazingly easy to shop experience. The collections are displayed in a logical and easy way to follow, where a lot of thought was invested in making the experience or browsing and order both easy and pleasant. A wealth of information is available, from the specifications of each magnetic bracelet like type strengths of magnets, item’s dimensions of width and length on the individual’s item a page, through to info about magnetic therapy, and general opinion and objective long written works, available in tailored section of the website.

The bracelets are offered in different sizes, but also sent to customers with resizing tool, enabling customers to remove links at their comfort of their home if the bracelet is found to be too long.

The last but not least fact about this site that you should be aware of is the online safety. Every page – not just the checkout, is protected with the strongest possible inscription, allowing for a safe browsing and shopping experience. If you have question, there a live chat facility available, and a UK free phone number for queries and placing orders over the phone. All communication options work during the regular business hours. Also, we take your privacy very seriously, and we will never pass on your details for anybody.

Safety is everything in the real world also: We are the only company in the UK that test its magnetic bracelets. We send our items to British laboratories, to ensure they adhere to British and European relevant safety standards.

But things can go wrong sometimes: Bracelet is too short, bangle is too big, a gift is not wanted. To give peace of mind, we offer an amazing return policy which offers a remarkable 30 days return period to return items for a refund in any condition. Yes, that means effectively that you can try the bracelet on and if you do not like it, return it for a refund within those 30 days even if it is not new or even damaged. And more over, if the item is an unwanted gift, you can return it for a refund any time, yes, with NO time limit, if it is new and unused. That in turn means that you can buy the gift well in advance, so you do not forget it, and also not to worry that you may be hit financially if the gift is unwanted.

The range we cover is extensive, and to help find the right style, we have divided the site to the following categories:

1. Magnetic bracelets for women

Mostly narrow bracelets, as our lady customers told us more than not that they prefer narrow items. Most of the items offered are Titanium, as titanium magnetic bracelets are the most popular ladies’ magnetic bracelets out there. Each item comes with a luxury velvet gift wallet.

2. Magnetic bracelets for men

Here most of the items will be wide and many designs will have a bulky appearance, as it appears that the vast majority of mens magnetic bracelets are indeed wide. Again, the Titanium magnetic bracelets are the star in their eyes, but the copper magnetic bracelets are a hit too. Usually, the wide copper bangles are the most popular, in addition to the copper bracelets with the two mega big and bold magnets on the edge.

3. Copper magnetic bracelets and magnetic bangles

Those are sought after buy those folks who wish to have copper transferred to their skin, to gain from the potential benefits of wearing copper magnetic bracelets.

4. Copper magnetic bangles with mega magnets

This one unique collection has bangle style – meaning open-edges – has two extra big magnets on the edges, in addition to 4 regular size magnets. This copper bangles range has been proven popular with both men and women.

5. Expanding magnetic bracelets

The Expanders do not have a clasp, and you can stretch them to go over the palm of your hand. Ideal for those that have problems dealing with small clasp.


Most people are buying magnetic bracelets to achieve positive effect in reducing pain: Usually they are purchased for relieving Arthritis related Pain relief, Carpal Tunnel, Muscle tension, Joints Pain, treating Golf and Tennis injuries, to relieve Menopause pains, to improve Blood Circulation, to increase Energy in general, and even to improving Sleep.

But do magnetic bracelets really help with pain? Some research was done to check if they are effective at treating pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other related illnesses, but the evidence is so far inconclusive.

Magnetic bracelets are not medical devices, and we cannot state that they will help ease pain. However, we did receive over the year many messages from customers telling us our magnetic bracelets did help them. Those arrived and arriving daily in form of feedbacks, products review and emails.

Magnetic bracelets by IonTopia are distinct by appearance and elegance. The appearance of our bracelets and bangles are unique, and the number of items on offer is vast.

Our collections range massive styles and finishes and are sure to be suitable for every occasion and outfit and taste.